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Ear Infections? Allergies? Poor digestion? Are these constant symptoms plaguing your dog's life? Please call to set up a wellness consultation featuring a nutrition and supplement support system individualized to fit your pet's needs. Many dogs today are plagued with sickness due to nutritional deficiencies. Even the "good" expensive foods we feed our pets are overly processed leaving our dogs nutrient and mineral deficient which can lead to lower immumosupport. Supplements, essential oils and nutrition can get your dogs immune system back on track as 70% of our immune function starts in the gut. If you want to take a more natural approach to your pets health give us a call our motto isn't total love to total health for nothing.
For ordering essential oils and other health supplements for your dog click the link below.

We carry a variety of organic homemade shampoos for natural flea and tick repellent and allergy relief. Our home made ear cleaner is gentle yet effective in aiding against yeasty inflamed ears great for use after summer swims. Bugs hate our non toxic bug spray made with essential oils to keep pesky bugs away safe for pets and kids. All of our products are non toxic organic and made with the best quality ingredients. 
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