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We are an all breed grooming salon. We can groom your dog to the breed standard or we can customize a captivating clip for your dog. Each basic groom includes two baths the first bath is a cleansing formula to remove grease and toxins the second bath consists of a moisturizing bath to help replenish the skin and coat, a blow dry, nails trimmed , ear cleaning, and a basic brush out. Our prices are based on sizes ranging from small, medium, large, and giant they are also based on pets that have healthy maintained skin and coats. Dogs should be groomed every 4-6 weeks minimum. Overgrown dogs may take more time than the average dog that size to groom which will result in a price increase. Difficult dogs will also require a special handling fee as we like to go slow and respect these dogs we find it is better to build relationships with each dog then to force them through a grooming situation muzzles are an absolute last resort please do not ask us to just put a muzzle on your pet and get the job done slow and steady wins the race. Undercoated or matted dogs that take extra brushing time and product will have additional fees as well as dog that are extra oily/dirty or need medicated baths and need to be soaked in the tub.Senior pets may also take additional time as they experience more anxiety we ask that you allow us to take our time, additional fees may be added if assistance is needed to help with the senior pets grooming process. Groom Plus Spa Package is your basic package with the added features of: anti itch treatment or hot oil treatment, nails filed smoothed and rounded, teeth brushed and cleansed with our oral irrigator and our organic shampoo Please call the salon for our base prices and services.

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